Wisconsin Bat Removal Law

If you have other animals causing you grief, we can handle that for you too! Just click on the link and I’ll take you there!



It comes up as a topic every season. Misinformed people telling others in Wisconsin that laws have changed, and that removing bats between july 01 and august 15 is a violation of the law, and the home owner is responsible. So I have copied the link to the document provided by the DNR allowing us as professional bat removal companies, to do our jobs. I am impressed that a government agency had the home owner in mind when writing the law, and I am also proud that Wisconsin leads the way in bat research. Click on the link below to see the files provided by the Wisconsin DNR, as it will take you to there site. http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/ERReview/Documents/BatConservationPlan1-10-11b.pdf

It is my job, as a bat removal professional to inform you of the entire situaton though. If you have a maternal colony of little browns in the attic or walls, and excluding the mothers will cause an odor issue from the decomposing baby bats, then maybe we better wait till the pups grow up a little bit more so they can follow mom outside.

Batchelor colonies, and small maternal colonies can be excluded with no problems, at any time.

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