Vernon County

Bat Removal takes knowlage of bat behavior, bat identification, and the proper use of tools, materials, and personal protection items. To get bats out, one must look ahead at what could happen if the wrong time, or method is chosen to correct the issue. Sometimes it is best to do nothing until the right time. Such as a colony of little brown bats with 300 pups which can not follow the female out because they are so young.

If you have other animals causing you grief, we can handle that for you too! Just click on the link and I’ll take you there!



After a safe target date has been selected for the bat removal on your home, we use the best sealants available. Every crack in the building needs to be filled, with exception of the ones being used by the bats to enter and exit. Those areas are fit with a one way door, or bat valve to allow the animals to leave, but not re enter.

Sometimes the opening is so long, like on a metal roofed shed, that we need to use nets. In that case we let the nets hang at least 4 feet. After a few days, we remove the nets and seal the building.

We also offer clean up in attic spaces to all of our customers! Bats can realy make a mess over time. We begin by removing all the contaminated insulation in the attic. Then we scrape the bat guano off the wood, and disinfect, deoderize, and if the wood is saturated from years of bats urinating on it, we paint it with primer. Then we can re-insulate the attic, knowing that it is bat free, and clean as new!

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