Bat removal companies in Merrill are gearing up for an interesting year. The white nose syndrome has finally got the federal government involved in the protection of bats nation wide. Bat exclusions may no longer take place during the month of June, July, or August without a permit. Until late last seasion, a bat professional could exclude bats from a home any time of year, using basically any method he wanted to. Bat Removal was largly unregulated in Wisconsin. Now Maternal colonies can not be disturbed while nursing the pups, and bat removal professionals will be revising there logistics to service customers later in the year. No process that kills bats is allowed, and bat traps need to be tended daily. Bat proofing methods will need to wait until they get bats out, and seeing as it may take place in the colder months, differant sealants may be replacing the silicone normally used last year.

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Merrill was founded as  a logging town and was first called Jenny Bull Falls. The settlement began  with a trading post in 1843.  By 1900, the timber industry went kaput and the community was forced to survive in other industries. Now, Merrill is a diverse community with timber still being a player in the community. The paper industry is keeping people working as well as the steel mills and foundries. Guide services are available for fishermen and hunters who come from all over the United States to catch walleye, or muskie, as well as hunt bear or white tailed deer.

 Bat removal is specialised work, and it should be understood that it leaves no room for error. A botched bat removal job will result in two things. Dead colony of bats, or bats getting in somewhere else. 3/8 of an inch is more than enough to jet inside walls or attic areas of a home, and the bats will find it. So it must be sealed and monitored. Using the correct sealant methods and material considdering existing materials and conditions will result in a successfull bat removal. No bats get killed, and all of them are let out of the home with no chances of them returning. Now we can focus on the damages the bats did inside the walls or attic of the house. Minimal urine and guano can ge acceptable in some cases, but the larger colonies with several hundred members can cause quite a mess, and an un healthy environment for the people living there. We can sanitize and deoderize the areas affected after removing the material, then replacing it with fresh new insulation, fully restoring the home!

 For professional bat removal in Merrill, or if you just need free advice, give us a call,  and lets talk about the bats in your walls or attic!

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