Stoughton Wi.

Bat Removal in Stoughton Wi. means spring is here! Its been a rough winter on our bats this year, and they are anxious to get out and about. Bats choose to live in attic space of homes for obvious reasions if you realy think about it. We dont live in caves any more, and they have found someplace better too, your walls or attic of your home!


If you have other animals causing you grief, we can handle that for you too! Just click on the link and I’ll take you there!



Stoughton Wi. is no exception for bat removal, as complaints from scratching inside walls, to similar noises in attic spaces can be heard. It is more of a nuisance, but when we really look into the damage and health problems that a bat can cause, it can be alarming! Hundreds of pounds of guano (bat droppings) and urine can wreck insulation and saturate wood structure. The health problems start with the fungus growing in the guano, and then sending off spores which are ingested, and breathed in by the occupants of the home. Common health issues include symptoms like flu, or heart attack, or anything in between. Even near sightedness has been seen as after affects of a bat infestation.

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