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If you have other animals causing you grief, we can handle that for you too! Just click on the link and I’ll take you there!




We remove bats in Green Bay and neighboring cities and towns. Big Brown Bats are fewer in numbers in Green Bay. There colonies are big if it reaches 75. Most work I do removing big brown bats in Green Bay, do not require an attic to be cleaned out. And I dont want to sell you something you dont need.

 Little Brown Bats are the most distructive, and here is why. Little brown bats have huge colonies in Green Bay! Ive removed thousands of little brown bats from a single home. They poop and pee everywhere! and I can show you where they are getting in by showing you that on the side of your home! In the most drastic cases, I’ve seen a foot of guano in an attic. Now that is dangerous. All the insulation must be removed, and the entire area needs to be disinfected and deodorised. Most insurance companies in Green Bay cover the cost of the Guano Clean up. Let Us take care of the paperwork!

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