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Ive spent the last 10 years learning the best Bat Management Systems from around the United States. I use netting in some cases, not to catch bats, but to remove bats from homes and commercial buildings in Madison. I rarely want to catch a bat. I actually find entry points, and use a valve system that the bat must pass through to get food and water. They can not re enter. The bats will try to re enter for up to 3 years. Thats why I warantee up to 5 years on any bat removal in Madison.

Scratching or screaching noises in walls?

Just because you hear noises in walls, doesnt mean you have bats. Maybe you spoke with a co-worker or friend who had bats recently. And now you are jumping the gun a little bit. But being pro active is a good thing, and a wildlife inspection done by someone who knows what they are doing will determine just what you are hearing, and come up with a fast solution to help you protect your home. If you need a bat removal in Madison, I will be doing the job. My name is Mike Flick, and I will show you why you need a bat removal.

Are ultrasonic devices any good to make bats leave?

No, like mothballs, it will probobly make you want to leave before the bats wont to give up there nice cozy home. The bats must be removed.

If I put up a bat house, will the bats leave my house?

I see lots of bat houses in Madison. Few have bats in them at all, they would rather cozy up in a nice warm attic somewhere, safe from predators.

If I put moth balls in my attic, will bats go away?

If the odor is strong enough to make the bats leave, it will make you want to leave too. Dont use moth balls to get bats out of your attic.

Is bat poop dangerous to my family?

Not most of the time, In Madison, we have mostly big brown species of bats. Many companies in Madison claim you need an expensive attic clean out if you had a couple bat droppings in your attic. I disagree with that! It isnt the bat droppings that will make you sick. It is a fungus that grows on the droppings that will spread spores, and be inhaled by you… Causing serious illness! Now it takes more than a couple bat droppings (guano) to create the environment which will work for the fungus. Like every living thing, it needs moisture, and food, and heat. Most attics dont need a clean out after bat removal.

Do bats drink blood?

Not the bats we have in Madison. Our local bats here live on insects.

Wont bats leave on there own in the winter?

Not always, a bat colony in the attic or walls of a home are going to try to re enter, even for 3 years after I get them out. Thats why I give a guarantee in Madison. They may have lived there for years before you noticed they were there. Batchelor Colonies of Big Brown Bats have been found in homes in January and February in Madison. They winter over tunneling into your insulation and sleeping away the weeks till spring is in the Madison air again!

Cities near Madison We remove bats in are:

Fitchburg, Madison, Middleton, Monona, Stoughton, Sun Prairie,Verona, Belleville, Black Earth, Blue Mounds, Brooklyn, Cambridge, Cottage Grove, Cross Plains, Dane, Deerfield, Deforest, Maple Bluff, Marshall, Mazomanie, McFarland, Mount Horeb, Oregon, Rockdale, Shorewood Hills, Waunakee, Albion, Berry, Black Earth, Blooming Grove, Blue Mounds, Bristol, Burke, Oregon,Perry, Pleasant Springs, Primrose, Roxbury, Rutland, Springdale, Springfield, Sun Prairie, Vermont, Verona, Vienna, Westport, Windsor, York


  Dane County isn’t the only County we Service!  We also service Rock County, Green County, Lafayette County, Grant County, Iowa County, Sauk County, Crawford County, Rickland County, Vernon County, Juneau County, Adams County, Waushera County, Green Lake County with Bat Removal, Bat Exterminator, Bat Proofing, and Bat Control 

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