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Bat removal in Kansas is all year work! Although most calls to a bat man in Ks. are in mid summer, we still get calls in the winter months as temperatures change. Bats inside your attic or walls will move to a more comfortable spot.  In summer time, a bat removal professional in Kansas doesn’t get much sleep. People call at all hours of the night with complaints of scratching noises inside of walls, and attic spaces.

 A bat can squeeze his little body inside an opening that is just 5/8 of an inch by 1 1/2 inches. They actually prefer smaller openings because they can not be followed by predators which are trying to eat them. Because of this, a bat exterminator in Kansas can only tell you the average price for the job over the phone. No two jobs are exactly the same, and some require more work.

 Also offered in Kansas is the clean up in attic spaces. After the bats are kicked out, the attic area is cleared of all insulation and guano. then it is disinfected and deodorised . New insulation is then installed, and your bat mess is all taken care of.

 Bats in Kansas often continue to attempt to re enter a home for up to 3 years! So, after a colony of bats has been removed from your home, you should be watchful of  doors and windows. Especially garage doors on homes with attached garages. I’m sure your bat man will have some questions to ask about the home, so give him a call!

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