Bat Removal Flagstaff

Bat Removal Flagstaff


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  Little Brown Bat

Bat season is here! Now is a good time to get the problem taken care of before Bats have their babies!


If you live in Flagstaff and have gotten a bat into your living space or are hearing them in your attic this is not uncommon. There are 28 species of bats in arizona but only a few that live in attics of homes. Bats like to live in attics because they are warm and dark. Bats sleep all day and then feed on bugs all night. When bats are roosting or sleeping, they like to be as high off the ground as possible. Attics are warm, dry, dark and high off the ground so what better place for a bat to make their home! Bats are good for the enviroment because they eat thousands of misquitoes that carry the west niles virus that is dangerous to humans.

Removal of bats from your attic

If you have bats in your attic in Flagstaff our company can help. The first step is to have our Bat Removal professional do a wild life inspection to find out where these animals are getting in and if you have a bat infestation in your attic in Flagstaff. Our Bat Removal professional will install doors in the areas that the bats are using to go in and out of your attic. These doors will allow the bats out of the attic but not back in. Then the rest of the home has to be completely sealed up. Bats can fit threw a very small space about the size of a matchbook. Bats live 30 years and are very stubborn animals. Once our bat professional has gotten them out of your attic or walls they will keep trying to get back in. Our Bat Removal professional gives you a warranty so that if the bats get back in we will come back out for free in Flagstaff.

Attic Cleanout of Bat Guano

Once we have gotten the bats out of your home in Flagstaff, there is still the guano and urine left behind in your attic. Bat guano can cause heart and lung problems and is considered a health hazard. Our company will remove the quano and urine and disinfect and deodorize. We also remove the damaged insulation and replace it with new stuff. So if you live in Flagstaff and are in need of bat removal or a attic cleanout, give us a call today! We also service the areas of Cave Creek, Mesa, Tempe, Desert Hills, Phoenix and Paradise Valley.

Bat Removal and Cleanup


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