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Bat removal in La Crosse takes a good amount of training. A good ”bat guy” can tell you what species is living in your walls. Also point out an entry point most times from the ground. (A more thorough inspection is usually required to find them all) Tomah, Black River Falls, Eau Claire, Viroqua, Bloomer,Bat population is also important to know what kind of damage is done to your home by them.presance of Guano and urine is an issue, but when it piles up it can let a fungus grow. The spores from the fungus can cause blindness, respratory problems, and heart failure! Most times we get the call to remove the bats before it gets that far in Lacrosse. There are 8 species of bats in La Crosse, but usually only 2 species get into homes, so lets focus on them.

Little Brown Bats are the most distructive, and here is why. Little brown bats have huge colonies! Ive removed thousands of little brown bats from a single home in La Crosse. They poop and pee everywhere! and I can show you where they are getting in by showing you that on the side of your home! In the most drastic cases, I’ve seen a foot of guano in an attic. Now that is dangerous. All the insulation must be removed, and the entire area needs to be disinfected and deodorised.

Big Brown Bats are fewer in numbers in La Crosse. There colonies are big if it reaches 75. Most work I do removing big brown bats do not require an attic to be cleaned out. And I dont want to sell you something you dont need.

Once the entry points are located, we want to make sure the colony isnt a maternal colony with baby bats in La Crosse. I dont want to lock the mothers out with the one way doors, leaving the baby bats top die in the attic. I also dont want you having baby bats crawling across the floor while you watch TV. A contact issue like that could realy cause psychological problems in some people. So we must determine a safe taget date to install bat valves, and seal up the home. A bat valve is just what it sounds like, It lets them out and not back in the home. My studies show that they will come back for up to three years to get back in the attic in La Crosse. Thats why my warantee starts at 3 years and up to 5 years.

We service the following ares near La Crosse Wisconsin.

Tomah, Black River Falls, Eau Claire, Viroqua, Bloomer,

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