Bat Removal California

Bat Removal California


Our company does Bat Removal in several areas of California seven days a week! If you have bat issues give us a call today!

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Bat season is here! Now is a good time to get the problem taken care of before Bats have their babies!

 Little Brown bat

   If you’ve had a bat get into your living space more than once, this is a good indication that you could have bat infestation in your attic or walls. If you live in the California and have bat issues this is not uncommon.

Bat Removal

The first step our company will do when a client is having bat problems is a wildlife inspection. A wildlife inspection is a process our company does to determine where the bats are getting into the home. This process will also determine if you have a bat problem or a different animal living in your walls or attic. If you have bats our professional will know it by the time the inspection is completed. Bats leave behind evidence that makes it obvious to our Bat Removal professionals in California. Bats will leave behind their feces which is called guano. There will also be urine stains on areas of the home. Some bat species are messier than others but no bats are clean. Once our bat removal professional has determined the areas the bats are using the most to get into the home, he will install one-way doors. These doors will allow the bats to get out but not back in. Then our bat removal professional will seal up the rest of the home because a bat can fit through any space the size of a match book. Bats live a long time and our stubborn animals. Once we get these animals out, they will keep trying to get back in. It is important for you to know that bats are not a rodent or a bird. Bats do not chew. Bats are a animal. Our company does bat removal in several areas of California seven days a week!

Attic clean up

Our company also does the clean up and removal of the guano and urine that bats leave behind. The guano can cause heart and lung problems if left behind. If you have large amounts of guano in your attic our company can help! We will remove the poop and urine stained insulation and replace it with new stuff. We also will disinfect and deodorize those areas. If you are in need of this service give us a call today and talk to a Bat Removal professional!

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