Bat Removal in Pierce

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 Pierce Has wildlife everywhere! Nature can be captivating and entertaining, until it becomes a nuisance. At some point you may start loosing sleep because the wildlife likes your home more than the one nature intended. The safety of your family and loved ones may be in question. Phone calls to a pest control don’t cost anything, and here we answer those questions freely and honestly with no scare factor involved.

 Bat removal in Pierce can get tricky. Especially when the young bats are too young to fly. Sometimes all we can get done in June and July is a bat inspection. We don’t want to exterminate bats. We want to get the bats out of your home and keep them out safely. I’m sure some home owners are on board with killing the small furry bats, because they don’t appreciate them flying around their home, but we have been doing bat removal in Pierce since 1999, and humane bat removal is the fastest, and most effective way to go. We wont leave a colony of bats stuck inside the walls of your home to die and smell. We do a process called a Bat Exclusion. Within 2-3 nights all the bats are denied re-entry to the home, and you can sleep well again!

Cities in Kewaunee County we service with Bat Removal are: Kewaunee, Algoma, Luxemburg, Casco, Ahnapee, West Kewaunee, Red River, Montpelier, Lincoln, Carlton, Pilsen, Pierce, Franklin, Curran.

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