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If you have been hearing noises in your attic or walls in Santa Fe TX. and have had a bat flying around in your living space, there’s a good chance you have a bat colony living in your attic. Don’t wait until the colony becomes larger, call and talk to our Bat Removal professional today! Bats are nocturnal which means they feed at night and sleep during the day. They like attics because they are dark, dry and safe from predators. Bats are good for the environment in Santa Fe, because they eat bugs such as mosquitoes. Bats are a protected animal so we don’t want to kill them just get them out of your attic. Our Bat Removal professional in Santa Fe will come out and do a inspection of your house to find out where the bats are getting into your home. Then he will take a look in your attic to see how much damage the guano and urine has done to your insulation. Bat guano (poop) is toxic and can cause health problems. Our Bat Removal professional in Santa Fe will remove the guano and disinfect and deodorize your attic after we get the bats out of your attic permanently. We use exclusion tubes which allows the bats out but not back in. We have to seal up the outside of your home because bats are able to fit through small cracks and will try to get back in. Bats do not chew and they are not a rodent. Bats do carry rabies so you don’t want them living in your attic. So if you are hearing scratching in your attic or walls or have had a bat in your living space, give us a call today and talk to a Bat Removal professional in Santa Fe over the phone!

We service the following cities in Santa Fe Texas with bat removal!

Anderson Ways, Arcadia, Bacliff, Bay Harbor, Bayou Vista, Bolivar Paninsula, Clear Lake Shores, Dickinson, Fort Crockett, Friendswood, Galveston, Glen Cove Heights, Hitchcock, Jamaica Beach, Kemah, La Marque, Lakeside, League City, Nadeau, Red Fish Cove, San Leon,

We also : Trap Raccoons, Stray Cats, Coyotes, Remove Bats, Snake Proof Yards, Remove Bird Nests, Clean Attic Spaces, Trap Squirrels, Get Rid of Skunks, Trap Gophers, Batproof Houses, and just about anything animal or bird related

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