Bat Houses

Bat houses are for the most part constructed nicely, and if a bat knew it was there would surely bring his whole colony to move in. But I see so many unoccupied bat houses, that I don’t have a lot of faith in putting them up. There are dos, and

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Bat Removal Pro or Pest Control?

  Having bats removed by a pest control company  is like having your car fixed at the hot dog stand. Pest control people, and bat removal  professionals  are two differant guys, and do things in two differant ways. I can explain if you read on. But if it is bat removal or

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Scratching Noises in Walls/Attic

Bats do cause some problems in an attic or wall of a home. They are irritating with there scratching sound as they crawl around, and they can wake us up at the worst possible times. Right about at daylight a colony of bats will come home and make all kinds

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