Black River Falls

Bat removal in Black River Falls isn’t as freakish an occurance as you may think! Bats enter attic space by small openings as small as 1/4 inch. Big Brown Bats, and Little Brown bats will enter an attic and basically stay for years. You may have an occasional bat in your

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Bat Houses

Bat houses are for the most part constructed nicely, and if a bat knew it was there would surely bring his whole colony to move in. But I see so many unoccupied bat houses, that I don’t have a lot of faith in putting them up. There are dos, and

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Bat Removal La Crosse

For Bat Removal in La Crosse Call 608-284-5273 Bat removal in La Crosse takes a good amount of training. A good ”bat guy” can tell you what species is living in your walls. Also point out an entry point most times from the ground. (A more thorough inspection is usually required to

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